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Disruptive Development

Small but Powerful

DataDyne Group LLC is a social enterprise devoted to creating disruptive new technologies and new tech business models for international development, global health, and more — including the Magpi mobile data collection system (formerly EpiSurveyor), the most successful and widely-scaled ICT4D project ever. 

DataDyne was formed in 2003 by physician/epidemiologist Joel Selanikio (LinkedIn, Twitter, TED), formerly of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and technologist Rose Donna (LinkedIn), formerly of the American Red Cross, and has an outstanding Kenyan technical and support staff based in Nairobi.

DataDyne has consistently made an impact far beyond its small size, winning awards including:

Better, Faster, Cheaper

Innovator's Dilemma

Want to learn more about DataDyne’s strategy? Read the book that defined “disruptive innovation”.

With its Magpi Mobile Data System, DataDyne has developed a new model for “technology for development”, based on three principles:

  1. self-service — Magpi is designed to require no training or programming or consultants, because those things drive up the cost of implementations.  Just like Facebook, the average person can begin using Magpi immediately.
  2. web-based — Magpi is based in the cloud, just like any modern computing technology, because this also drives down costs dramatically.
  3. freemium — Because of 1 and 2, our costs are much lower than the typical “technology for development” and this makes it possible to cover those costs by charging only a small fraction of our highest-end users.  This means that Magpi is affordable today by any organization regardless of budget.

This SSWFT (Self-Service Web-based Freemium Technology) approach has dramatically lowered the cost of mobile data collection with Magpi, and allowed more than 25,000 users (including the World Bank, the CDC, the Red Cross, and others) to begin collecting useful data faster and for far less money.

Just as importantly, it’s disrupting the business model of its much-higher-priced competitors.  After all: why would you pay more to high-priced tech consultants when you can start using Magpi today, for free?  We say “spend your money on programs, not programmers!”

And now, DataDyne is applying the SSWFT model to more than just data collection: Magpi now has messaging by SMS and audio built-in!