Four Phases of Field Data: Tech Transforming Data Collection for Development

Joel Selanikio ON 21 March 2013

  Phase 1: In the Beginning There Was Paper Since the beginning of what we now call international development, we have relied on the collection of data using paper forms.  Today, because of the technologies available to us, the  field is beginning to undergo tremendous changes.  In a sense, paper-based data collection was “phase 1″: health workers carrying huge stacks of paper forms to the field in a process that was difficult and time-consuming. Not to mention environmentally disastrous: ever think about how many trees have been sacrificed to get…


Magpi Field Report: Real-Time Child Nutrition Data in Honduras

Joel Selanikio ON 12 March 2013

  In my recent TEDx talk, I talked about the difficulties in getting good data in the field. I think there is no better example than one recently conveyed to me by Maria Trujillo of the World Bank. Maria has been working for on the Nutrition and Social Protection project in Honduras, which supports the expansion of nutritional and health services for children under 2 through a strategy called Atención Integral a la Niñez en la Comunidad (AIN-C, “Comprehensive Child Care in the Community”) since the 1990s. Here’s some background: First…

What Bill Gates doesn’t know: real-time data in global health

Joel Selanikio ON 26 February 2013

You may have seen this recent tweet from Hans Rosling — the noted physician, global development data specialist, and data visualization guru:   On one level, of course Dr. Rosling is right that it IS very bad news to find out that there has been no reduction in child mortality in Gabon in 10 years. What I find just as tragic, though, is the unstated assumption that it is normal for child mortality in Gabon to be measured authoritatively only every 10 years (in the DHS survey that he…

DataDyne at TEDx Austin video

Joel Selanikio ON 19 February 2013

As promised in my last posting, here’s the video from TEDx Austin: Those without access to YouTube can view and download the video file here (46MB).